SAP Young Rewired State 2012

5 winners

  • Postcode Wars

    by Ben Hayman, Jacob Walker, Kier Davis, Tyler Smith, Ed Longman, Jake Patterson and Ed Vaudin
    Best Example of Coding
    Comparing postcodes by statistics about the local area
  • Why Waste A Vote?

    by Jordan Banjo, Aashia de Heer, Sandra Baiden and Sohaib Ahmad
    Code a Better Country
    Bridging the gap between the UK political system and young adults
  • SmartMove

    by Conrad, Jovan, Ainsley, Tom
    SAP Best in Show
    Find your perfect house
  • Way to go

    by Way to go - Charlotte , Joe , Lucy, Robert, Ruben
    Should Exist
    This product will help people who have walking disability get around and find new places that they can access
  • Humap

    by Anthony Stansbridge, Adam Ferguson, Oliver Barnwell, George
    Wish I Had Thought of That
    Navigation for humans