Postcode Wars

by Ben Hayman, Jacob Walker, Kier Davis, Tyler Smith, Ed Longman, Jake Patterson and Ed Vaudin

Comparing postcodes by statistics about the local area Read more

Postcode Wars was awarded Best Example of Coding at SAP Young Rewired State 2012!

Front End

You enter two postcodes and you get a list of statistics about your area, including:

  • Crime rates
  • Nearby amenities
  • Local house prices

It then lists the stats side-by-side and awards the winning postcode in each statistic a point. To finish off, it tots up the scores and gives you a winner!

You can also send it a text and it will reply with a winner and the score - or it will tell you that your postcodes drew!

Back End

Each statistic is provided via a plugin interface, which lists all of the PHP files in the /lib/plugins and runs the class, which provides a statistic for a single postcode. It runs each class for each postcode and outputs the result to the front end, which formats it all with nice colours and pretty pictures. If you send it a text, it will skip the formatting and just return an XML file to Twilio with a little summary.

-- Also try sending two postcodes to +44 (0)20 3322 4545!

GitHub repo is also up now, for those interested.


Only four of our handles showed up in the Twitter box, so here's the full team: @androidbanana, @bnhymn, @kierdavis, @tylerzacc, @EdwardVaudin, @edlongman, @jakepatterson_.