Why Waste A Vote?

by Jordan Banjo, Aashia de Heer, Sandra Baiden and Sohaib Ahmad

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Why Waste A Vote? was awarded Code a Better Country at SAP Young Rewired State 2012!

In 2005, more people voted in the X Factor final than for the most popular political party in the general election.

“Why waste a vote?” was created to help inform people, both eligible and non-eligible, about politics in order for them to make an informed decision when voting in the general elections. In order for future generations to actually vote and not “waste” it, they need to be educated about what parties they can vote for, what their policies include and generally how the UK’s political system works. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the people who aren’t voting aren’t doing so because they don’t know who they want to vote for or think their vote won’t make a difference. We hope this website will help change their minds and show them that their vote does mean something, that they can get the party they want in power if they vote, that they can have their voices heard about the issues they care about.