Wood Street Mission App

by Amy Mather

To highlight local poverty issues, to raise the charities profile and to simplify the donation of practical items process of items to Wood St Mission. Read more

I created this app for Wood St Mission. Wood St Mission is an independent charity, based in the center of Manchester who provide direct help to families affected by poverty.

My main aim was to make it easier for people to donate unused/unwanted practical items to the mission and also highlight their successes over recent years, using open source data detailing how many families, children and adults have been helped through their projects, showing users how many people their donations will help.

I initially used java script and html but after facing issues emailing the booking form replaced the java script with php.

In the future I plan to add an alerts function and a comparison section. The alerts function will send alerts to your mobile phone when wood st is desperately in need of something and the comparison section will compare your lifestyle to the average person in Manchester and Salford, the reason for this would be to hopefully convince users that they are in a position to help, and show them how many people need their help.